Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a climate controlled unit?
It depends on the types of items you intend to store and how long you wish to store. Our climate controlled units generally remain in a steady temperature year-round at 78 degrees. In addition, the nonstop circulation of air is the best choice for environmentally sensitive items such as artwork, fabrics, electronics and other items that could be destroyed due to temperature fluctuations.

What types of leases are offered?
Our leases are available month-to-month. Feel free to keep your unit for however long you need.
Is insurance required to rent with Self Storage Services?
We do require storage insurance. It’s the best way to protect your items from any possible damage from natural causes. Although our buildings are secure and properly maintenanced, things can happen and it’s essential that you’re protected in rare cases. Purchase insurance with us or use your own.

What documentation is needed to rent a space?
Bring a photo ID such as driver’s license or passport.

When will I be able to load my unit?
As long as the unit you rented is available you’ll be able to move right in. Just sign all of the required paperwork and receive your passcode so that you’re able to get inside of the facility.

Do you offer truck rentals?
We have authorized U-haul trucks, Budget trucks, and facility-owned trucks available at specific locations. Head over to our Truck Rentals page for those locations.

How do I vacate my storage unit?
Move out of your unit at any point, but we ask that you give us as at least two weeks notice. Try to move out as close to the end of the month because we don’t prorate for your move out. We’re unable to refund rent if you move out before the end of the month. Try your best to let us know your plans before you lease. Don’t forget to say goodbye.
Are my belongings secure?
We take security very seriously at Self Storage Services. Tenants are the only individuals who have a key to their unit and we require all tenants to put a heavy duty lock on their unit. Each of our properties are enclosed and gated with keypad entry. The facilities that don’t have 24 hour access have restricted times when no one is allowed inside of the facility. Our facilities are under 24 hour video surveillance and many are equipped with spotlights on timers to deter potential intruders. Rely on our onsite facility managers to monitor the facility throughout the day.
How do I pay my storage bill?
Pay your storage bill online right here on our website. Create an account and sign in every month to pay your bill. You can also sign up for autopay to ensure that you never miss a payment.

What size storage unit do I need?
Don’t struggle trying to figure out which unit size to rent. Use our online self storage calculator to determine which of our unit sizes are best to fit all of your belongings. Our knowledgeable self storage managers are also a great source for storage tips and recommendations, so contact your facility for assistance.

Popular Unit Sizes
What can you fit in a 5x10 storage unit?
A 5x10 storage unit is approximately 50 square feet, which is similar to a standard walk in closet. This size unit could fit a dozen boxes, desk and chair, and a mattress and box spring.

What can you fit in a 10x10 storage unit?
A 10x10 unit is approximately 100 square feet and can fit the contents of a couple of rooms.

What can you fit in a 10x15 storage unit?
A 10x15 unit is approximately 150 square feet and can fit the contents of a small house or apartment.